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8 May 2012

Yes, it has been a while but with my final move to Kruger National Park, setting up the new house and getting all maintenance issues sorted out, I finally found the time to write a blog again.

Also I had to get myself a new camara, as my old one was just not worth to repair.
Never-less I got something like 400 pics through which I started to work through and a trip summary for you but lets start at the beginning.

26th of April I made my way to Kruger National Park with a whole bunch of friends who helped me to move all my stuff from Pretoria.
Even I sorted out a lot of things before hand I still managed to fill one 1,8 ton truck, 2 pick ups and a land rover.
In true style in the spirit of moving of adventure we took only back routes from Pretoria. It was an epic 12 hour journey via Lydenburg then up and along the Long Tom pass in Mpumalanga with a short stop at the Long Tom Pass Brewery which unfortunately was an absolute dessater.
We ordered some of their beer, which was sour and off, the food was cold and overpriced, which is a shame as the brewery is just after the highest point of Long Tom Pass and nested in a stunning setting.
My recommendation should you ever take this route, just smile and wave and drive past this place.
From there onwards you drive around 30km down the pass into Sabi which is a stunning little town and then you have a 50km stretch to Hazyview the last “town” before you hit the Kruger Park Gate another 40km away.

After off loading all my furnitures and a few beers later we had a nice little party for the next few days which started with our daily routine by getting up in the morning, taking a camping chair and looking at our stunning view and waiting which animal will pass next. You can clearly see the animal tracks from our garden and during the next  few days herds of elephants where making their way past us.

Unfortunately my pet crock was nowhere to be seen during these days but hey 10-15 elephants every morning walking past your garden is also not bad.
After a couple of days, I somehow set in but did not unpack anything until the guys left, however we enjoyed the life in the Park but taking sunset cruises and chilling out, absorbing the madness of Kruger National Park on a very long weekend.

On one of the days we went over to the rest camp and could not find a parking spot, restaurants were full and tranquillity nowhere to be found in the midst of the buz of tourist. So we quickly went back to my little place to some piece and quietness.

When we arrived back at my place we where just in time to watch a herd of elephants taking their late afternoon showers in the comfort of my home with cold beers and now screaming tourist. One of the young bulls was kind enough to pose for me while I was test driving my new camera and zoom lens. I do have to say I like the continuous shot options and I might put together a short flash movie in the future.
While we sitting under the trees and watching these guys having fun, one of the resident Vervet Monkey peed into my friends head, apparently it’s good luck, I think it’s just monkey pee. 🙂 Our short drives in the afternoon were pretty cool and at one stage, we had 3 young male lions walking past the car. Unfortunately I still had my zoom lens on, the cats were less than a meter away from the car and by the time I changed my lens I only saw their back sides disappearing into the dense bush.

A few meters on we found a very luck Kudu cow, who easily could have been dinner for these 3 lions. However mating time is coming closer and all wildlife is moving closer together as winter and the dry season are approaching. So I’m sure I will be able to show you some incredible pics in near future and I finally will get the hang of my equipment.
I still need to work through some of my pics then I will be able to give you a give you a travel report on the Satara 4×44 route which is a stunning piece of adventure.
As I’m writing this blog I have a fruit bat circling above my head.
Now I’ll  leave you with an African Sunset in the bush until next time.

PeAce Out
Hitchhiker of Life