The Travelling Man – Ford Prefect a hitchhiker of life is living as an immigrant in Southern Africa for the past decade.

The fast changes and continues westernisation of Africa have inspired Ford Prefect to document his journeys throughout Southern Africa.

The blog is featuring anything from events and festivals to road trips through rural Africa especially Southern Africa as well as general life experiences, mind-boggling challenges you experience when you live in Africa in general and tales of a white man enjoying life in the rural village of this woman whenever he can.

Tourism in Africa is exploding and everybody is trying to get a slice of the cake by destroying natural habitats or branding their venture as “eco-friendly” or “Cultural Experience” as well as tour operators who do not encourage their clients to experience the real life.

Therefore Ford Prefect is looking for the alternative routes through the back country, exploring the more rural part of Southern Africa with comments on choices of accommodation which will be suitable for adventures, backpackers and the alternative traveller trying to avoid most tourist hot spots and showcasing the beauty and diversity of one of the most beautiful parts on earth – Africa

Get ready for dirt roads, unique places, history of the humanity and lots of fun.

Now stop reading the About section and climb into the stories.

PeAce Out
Ford Prefect
Hitchhiker of Life


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